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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pass Me a Sweater, Please

There’s no denying that we’ve officially reached that super annoying time of year when the weather can be accurately described by Katy Perry’s classic girl anthem, “Hot ‘n Cold.” One second it’s hot, the next it’s cold. One second it’s sunny, the next it’s pouring. Excuse me weather, but, would you mind getting it together already?

I think it’s safe to say that picking out outfits has become way harder now that the weather absolutely refuses to cooperate with us. Standing in front of your closet and staring at the rows of clothes just hanging there now takes twice as much time than it used to. Jacket or no jacket? Dress or no dress? Boots or no boots?

The way I see it, the safest and most classic way to go is by wearing a sweater. Sweaters are timeless pieces—no doubt, and a staple in everyone’s closets. Their versatility, ease, comfort, warmth and the fact that they’re nothing less than cute and cozy, make them the most desirable and attractive pieces for this kind of “I don’t know what to wear” fall weather. Feeling girly? Put on a dress and throw a sweater over it. Feeling edgy? Glam up your sweater with a pair of pointed booties, skinny leather pants and staple earrings. Feeling lazy? Throw on an oversized sweater, classic boyfriend jeans and sneakers and you’re ready to go. My point? That no matter how you’re feeling or what the weather is like, the versatility of sweaters makes them perfect for anything. Simply throw on a sweater over your outfit and take it off when you’re feeling warm, It’s that easy.

This Fashionista clearly knows what she’s doing. She’s sporting the perfect fall look that screams convenient, classy, stylish and edgy at the same time. She’s wearing a simple white button-down shirt that she’s concealed under her gray chunky sweater (one of my favorite things to do). Now, going back to what I said before, she can easily take the sweater off at any time of the day if she feels hot, and still have a super cute look. The rest of her outfit is completed by her choice of dark-wash skinny jeans and pair of patent leather biker boots. As it was school time, she kept her accessories to a minimum by just wearing beautiful pearl earrings that added that extra detail to the outfit.

How To: Rock the perfect fall crazy weather look by simply wearing a pair of jeans, booties and your favorite button-down shirt. Throw a sweater over the shirt and there you have it. Now it’s time to go enjoy fall!