ALL IN THE DETAILS: Paper, Pens And Pencil... Skirts

August 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Going back to school means getting all your p’s prepped—that is, your paper, planner, pens and pencils. After all, these items are necessary for tackling the bigger p’s: projects and presentations. In order to set yourself up for success this school year, it’s imperative to have the items that will keep you on your A game and dressed for the part. So, as you head back to campus this fall, pencil in one more item for your school essentials: a pencil skirt.

The pencil skirt is a quintessential item for a business professional look that doesn’t sacrifices your style. Whether you’re a freshman or upcoming graduate, a pencil skirt is the perfect starter item to invest in for entering professional settings. They even opt as the perfect item to wear for class presentations without looking overwhelmingly gung-ho on professionalism. Plus, like this Fashionista shows us, they can be styled with pieces that reflect your personality.

With a purple statement necklace, sunglasses and a perforated fedora, this Fashionista’s composite look is more fashion-forward than business professional. This demonstrates how versatile and worthy purchasing a pencil skirt can be, as they solely don’t have to be reserved for important dates. This Fashionista even shows they don’t always have to be paired with flats or heels. Rather, she opted for suede booties to complement the festival vibes going from her neckline and up.

How To: To maximize the use of a pencil skirt and create a fashion-forward look like this Fashionista, pair your skirt with a comfortable shirt. Opt for a graphic T-shirt or crop top and throw on layered necklaces to complete the look. Need to head to the office in a jiffy? Throw on heeled sandals and one simple necklace for a dressier look.