ALL IN THE DETAILS: Panda Panda Panda

January 27th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Panda Panda Panda

This Fashionista here is a fashion connoisseur. She consistently slays every time she steps out of the house, with a developed wardrobe and an eye for aesthetics. However, the main aspect of her persona that makes her so good at the game of fashion is her attention to detail.

I love the look this Fashionista is exuding down to the base level. The classic ponte black pants and turtleneck combination she sports is sleek and chic. Paired with her perfectly, silky bob hairstyle, she looks like she belongs on the French Riviera or in Pulp Fiction. However, the small stuff really does it for me.

Red is my favorite color. Her vintage, varsity souvenir jacket, a memento from her father’s time at the “brother” high school to the all-girls preparatory that this Fashionista and I both attended, is nostalgically relevant and a solid contrast to the stark black underneath. The Gucci loafer slippers match the jacket perfectly in hue, and add a hint of glamour and luxury to her sporty outerwear.

The power of accessorizing is effectively conveyed via this Fashionistas’ ensemble. Her panda bag, acquired during her time studying abroad in Florence, adds a cute, girly flair. I’m sure all of us girls would have LOVED to own that bag as a fierce kiddo in middle school, but it’s even better now as an adult! Her gilded, floral statement earrings, golden cartilage piercing, and heart shaped tattoo and matching ring give this Fashionista a fabulously curated and sophisticated allure.

This Fashionista’s eclectic synthesis of many styles and her deliberate use of accessories makes her a standout. Oh, and the “panda” bag is designer.