Oxford shoes used to be associated with preppy students in uniforms, Brits and spiffy grandpas. In recent years, they’ve had a massive fashion makeover with every brand from Prada to H&M creating their own versions of this menswear shoe. From bloggers to celebrities, there have been a lot of people trading in their old shoes for oxfords. I caught up with this Fashionisto as he also sported the oxford trend when he was walking around a Portland neighborhood.

When it comes to men’s shoes, college guys usually opt for sneakers, boat shoes or Converse. They want to wear shoes that are easy and comfortable, regardless of what they look like. However, this Fashionisto decided against the norm and wore a pair of navy oxfords. His shoes are perfect for any occasion, as they are super fashionable and extremely comfortable.

To me, oxford shoes give off a preppy vibe. This vibe can sometimes make them a little bit difficult to wear, but once you have a pair you love, you’ll see how versatile they can be. This Fashionisto eliminates the stereotypical preppy look and add’s his own flair to his outfit. He looks super casual in his attire, as he wore a blue flannel over a gray T-shirt. He also sported khaki shorts and black Ray-Ban sunglasses. Even though his shoes may be seen as preppy, they’re also a more chic alternative to sneakers and they add a bit more flair to an outfit than Converse or Nikes.

How To: Want to wear your new oxford shoes this season, but don’t know how? Follow this Fashionisto’s look and wear them with a gray T-shirt, a navy flannel and a pair of khaki shorts. By adding a flannel over the T-shirt, you will appear relaxed and effortless. Finally, add a pair of Ray-Bans for a casual and cool finish.