ALL IN THE DETAILS: Over Here Autumn

September 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

The end of summer means two things—a new fall wardrobe and the ability to wear a felt hat without overheating. For me this is great news because living in Ontario you never know what Mother Nature is going to pull out of her hat. It also saves you from a bad hair day while you’re running around on campus.

This look is perfect for September in the city and can take you from class to the TIFF Festival while still looking fabulous. To ensure this look stays intact, I always pair it with my Revlon lip stains. Dark purple is an essential color in my fall lip collection, but there are other varieties to choose from in order to get that perfect fall look you know we’ve all been aching for.

I don’t exactly follow the “no white” after Labor Day rule, either. As a Style Guru, we tend to make up our own rules. This striped pencil skirt allows you to slowly transition into fall without getting too emotional about the end of summer. Who says you can’t look like a #RAD sailor on campus. This Fashionista pulls all the right stops on this look.

Starting off the school year right means a new bag is a necessity. This is especially true on days where you only have one class and no textbooks to carry. To complete this look, pair it with the perfect over-the-shoulder bag—just big enough to carry all of your essentials.

How To: Too afraid to rock the felt hat? Don’t stress, keep the rest of your outfit simple and the hat will blend right in without overpowering your look.