As we are approaching spring and warmer weather, the humidity in most places is slowly creeping in on us. This leaves us with less motivation to put on more layers than we have to. We are leaning towards more simplistic outfits and breathable fabrics to keep us cool during our walks to class on those hotter days.

This Fashionista models an easy way to incorporate simplicity with style into casual day-to-day looks. She is sporting a knit off white cropped tank top with a Navajo-inspired belt and distressed boyfriend jeans. The white T-Shirt and jeans look is always a classic for quick, on the go styles. My favorite part of the look lies in the accessories, particularly the overall layered theme from her necklaces and her bracelets. She keeps the look effortlessly cool with her three gold layered necklaces featuring a triangle, bar and a druzy, repeating this theme with her lime green wrap bracelet. Find a similar model here, or check out Etsy shops for the best selection. She finishes off the look with a gold watch and leopard slip-on sneakers for added flair.

Although layering necklaces is typically done in a casual fashion, layering several chunky necklaces with different textures can transform the look from day to night, making it all the more glamorous! That being said, it is important to keep in mind what style look you’re going for. Since this Fashionista sports a more casual look, she strays away from the chunky necklaces and moves toward the daintier side. Make sure that each delicate chain has the same metal base, gold, rose gold or silver, so you aren’t mismatched.

Also, make sure the necklaces look cohesive when paired all together. An easy way to do this is to start with lighter pieces on top and add heavier pieces underneath. By doing this, the flow of the necklaces appears to be more gradual, as if they were already paired that way. This attracts an overall flattering softness to your decolletage that can’t be beat! I would also suggest investing in necklace extenders, which are sold at most jewelry and department stores. The extenders give more flexibility when changing the lengths of necklaces. These enable you to pair your necklaces with different pieces as you add more to your collection!

How To: Looking to pair layered necklaces for a more formal occasion? Easy! Just make sure to wear a top or dress that has a high neckline. Add some chunky long necklaces with the same metal base, and you’ll be good to go.