ALL IN THE DETAILS: On Mondays, We Wear Birkenstocks!

September 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Birkenstocks are the shoes making surprise appearances lately. They are hitting the streets everywhere and many students are jumping in on the action. Mondays are inevitable and it’s a day many choose to be comfortable as a way to ease into a week of excitement and uncertainty.

This Fashionista might have not expected these shoes to be a major deal, but they’re definitely a pair she rocks. Her Birkenstock sandals unquestionably steal the show. With its tan color, two sandal straps and unique style, it’s no question as to why people decide to grab a pair or two. They are comfortable and easy to wear with just about any casual outfit you can think of, and the best part is they come in many different colors!

Along with her Birkenstocks, she wears a floral patterned dress from American Eagle Outfitters. The pop of blues, pinks and reds in this dress bring out the subtle light pink in her long sleeve babydoll sweater, which she decides to use as a layer. She finishes her look by wearing a pair of light wash distressed jeans.

This Fashionista puts two and two together with her comfortable style of choice to create an awesome Monday outfit.

How To: How can you get this look? Find a pair of Birkenstocks in your favorite color and  pair it up with a cute baby doll sweatertank top or dress. Find a simple pair of denim distressed jeans and make it your own!