ALL IN THE DETAILS: Off-The-Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder tops have been a popular trend within the past year and I still am seeing them everywhere! Stores like Zara, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Express are loaded with them. Off-the-shoulder tops are great because they are very flattering while still remaining conservative.

This Fashionista’s look is based solely on this adorable striped top. It falls just below the shoulders and stays up with elastic that is sewn into the shirt. It has three-quarter length sleeves and is very breezy, which is perfect for all seasons. Pairing this white and black shirt with white jeans is essential to create a casual and trendy look. Black or denim jeans could also be styled with this top, however, the white on white is more unique. Then, this Fashionista threw on a pair of black jellies that are super comfy. As far as accessories go, a black bag and sunnies are a must-have. This bag is a reversible tote from Urban Outfitters, and the sunglasses are by Cole Haan.

This off-the-shoulder based look is perfect for many different events and occasions. For example, you could go out to eat with friends, go on a date, attend a concert or go shopping. Tops like this one are most definitely acceptable to wear throughout the colder months, and warmer ones. Since, they give off a very feminine vibe without being over the top.

How To: Have you been unsure how to style a top like this one? Or maybe not sure where to wear it? Adding denim jeans and sandals with a off-the-shoulder top would make the outfit much more casual if you wanted to wear it on a normal day. If you needed to create a bit more of a formal look, throw on some black jeans and heels and be good to go!