ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Your Boyfriend's Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have been all the rage recently, but girls tend to have two problems: no boyfriend or not finding the right fit. Well, both problems are solved thanks to the prevalence of this trend in many stores. Almost every store that sells jeans will have boyfriend jeans available to try on. Trying on your jeans before a purchase is key when it comes to fit. Both myself and the Fashionista in this photo recommend trying on many pairs before you make a purchase. Although this can be tedious and tiring, the versatility and comfort of these pants make it all worth the while. This Fashionista says her secret to rocking the boyfriend jean is to find a pair that fit comfortably snug around the waist and hips, and lose through the leg. The rips and tears in these particular boyfriend jeans make them the perfect pair for warm summer weather.

Once you’ve found the right fit, styling these pants is simple—they go with pretty much anything! This Fashionista gave the outfit a feminine twist with her lace detailed sweater and pink mirrored sunglasses. However, add a simple white T-shirt, layered necklaces and black aviators and you have a more grunge look! These pants are not just jeans, they are a reflection of your mood that day.

How To: Let the jean be the focus of the look. It is best to pair these pants with simple and neutral pieces. Once you have your boyfriend jeans, add a lightweight, neutral and girly sweater, chic sunglasses and slim canvas sneakers, and you’re set to rock your boyfriend jeans with a feminine twist!