ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Your Average T-shirt

We all have that one drawer. You know which one I’m talking about—that drawer filled with a bunch of T-shirts we promise ourselves we’ll find the perfect time to wear. Whether it’s new or whether it’s been hiding in that drawer for ages, one thing is always the same: T-shirts scream casual at anyone who looks at it. So, what do you do when you want to wear that T-shirt you promised yourself you’d wear? How do you pull it off without looking like you just rolled out of bed? Does a T-shirt really go with anything other than a pair of sweatpants?

This Fashionista answers all of our questions! She is the perfect example of how a great T-shirt can make your outfit. While heading to campus, she wears her fitted T-shirt with a mini wrap skirt and stockings to deal with February’s harsh weather. This Fashionista’s outfit is mainly monochromatic. She sticks to dark colors, including her accessories, but by throwing in the white graphic t-shirt she’s made so much more of her outfit. She also wears a long black duster to keep her warm throughout the day. The oversized duster works well with the T-shirt, giving her look a little bit of edge. She doesn’t shy away from her edgy side when adding a pair of black booties into her outfit. This Fashionista reminds us that wearing a T-shirt is all about being comfortable. However, that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from your girly side either! Here is a great T-shirt you can try throwing on with your next dolled up outfit.

How To: Do you have a T-shirt that you can’t seem to pair with anything else? Try pairing it with your favorite shorts or a skirt. Don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas within your wardrobe, you never know what might work!