ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not So Mellow Yellow

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot…sandals!? When rushing to get to class, us Fashionistas/os aren’t always thinking clearly, let alone about the small pieces that pull our look together. Little do we know, details are actually an essential part in framing an outfit. Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself, “I need something more?” Well I do too, and what you’re missing are some key elements to your look. Detail pieces include statement jewelry, handbags, shoes and bright colored items. Too many detail pieces can clash, so try and keep it to one to three accessories when putting together your fab look.

This Fashionista did the opposite of sparing me the details when she dressed to impress for class. I’m obsessed with her all denim look. She incorporates different washes with her J Brand skinny jeans, bulky jean jacket and Silence & Noise loose-fitting crop top. But it doesn’t stop there. This Fashionista chose her detail piece to be her adorable preppy shoes. Subtleness was not an option when it came to her lemon yellow strappy Sam Edelman sandals. The circular and square jewels add shine to the already sunny day! The faux furry textures of the sandals look like they would come right out of a J.Crew spread. The slight cuff of her jeans make the shoes pop! This Fashionista completes her look with a gold and brown Rebecca Minkoff satchel, perfect for all sorts of occasions.

How To: Want to look like you just walked out of a J.Crew editorial? Keep your look neutral when pairing it with eye catching bright colored shoes. That way, the shoes are the main focus of your look. To look even “preppier”, tie a polo-like sweater around your shoulders rather than on your waist.