April 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

We all have those favorite, go-to basic pieces in our wardrobe that we love to wear on repeat; the ones that we try so hard not to wear more than once (or twice) per week and the ones we wash constantly. This Fashionista stood out because she utilizes those essential pieces, but incorporates details that also illustrate her personal style.

The first piece I noticed was this Fashionista’s black T-shirt dress. This is considered an essential item, as you can wear it casually or dress it up more like this Fashionista. Jean jackets are also a classic piece that have been around for decades. This one in particular is unique because the distressed details bring an edgy vibe to the look. In addition to the light wash denim jacket, the other main focus of this outfit is the tan cross-body bag. The fringe on the purse adds another texture to the suede, enhancing the edgy look while also bringing a bohemian feel to her outfit. It is a great bag because it is convenient and can be worn many ways and match any outfit you have on. The choice of black booties dresses up the T-shirt dress even more. They are perfect for grabbing lunch or dinner, yet the height is still manageable for walking to class.

Accessories are arguably one of the most important details of an outfit, especially when it comes to adding a personal touch. This Fashionista starts by adding sunglasses to the collar of the dress, which is an essential for sunny days. Watches are a basic, must-have piece, especially in classes that prohibit technology use. This Fashionista added a variety of rings to complete this look. The different shapes, colors and stones make these accessories unique and not so basic.

How To: If you want to imitate this look utilizing basic pieces with a twist, start off with a T-shirt dress. Add a classic outer layer a denim jacket or an oversized cardigan. Complete the look with accessories of your choice to show off your personal style.