ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not a Peep(toe) Out of you!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not a Peep(toe) Out of you!

With the year coming to an end, it’s time to look back on some of the best styles of the year and put together outfits from our favorite trends of 2016. After tons of shopping for the holidays and finding those perfect presents, you might not have the time or the money to buy new, trendy clothes this winter. Luckily, in Florida, and other warm places, you can just add a sweater or jacket to some of the cute outfits you’ve already been wearing during the fall seasons.

This Fashionista did just that and is displaying two of the most popular trends from 2016: lace-up shirts and ankle boots.

One of the biggest styles this year was V-neck shirts with a lace-up detail, and this Fashionista chose a festive cranberry color to make the shirt more holiday appropriate.

She also kept it very casual with a pair of blue jeans that were rolled at the bottom to nicely display her black ankle boots. Her outfit is then pulled together with a black sweater that ties in the black from the boots and completes the look.

The shoes are definitely my favorite part of the outfit. Though the shoe itself is black, the heel is brown, which makes them even more wearable and will match everything in your wardrobe this winter. The cut-out details at the toe and heel of the shoe also separates these boots from other ankle boots you’ve probably seen this year. They keep the boots sophisticated yet stylish!

This outfit would be perfect for everyday wear this winter, whether you’re going shopping or meeting up with friends. Adding a heel to the look also makes the outfit feel a little bit more polished, yet casual with a medium wash of denim.

For Fashionistas in colder climates, you could warm up this outfit by switching out the short sleeve shirt for a long sleeve one and adding a heavier coat over the top!