ALL IN THE DETAILS: New Year, Old Trend

Some things are better left in 2015, but a trend that will be coming with us into 2016 is the ultra stylish in an unexpected way “nerdy-chic” trend. Designers from Prada to Gucci are swapping stilettos for loafers and business men and women are making a switch from Rolexes to Apple Watches. However, one of the biggest nerdy-chic styles I’ve noticed throughout the year is the adoption of bulky eye-glasses. From models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, wearing glasses are no longer just for people with bad eyesight. Eye glasses with no prescription have become all the rage, and when choosing the frame keep in mind the age-old saying: the bigger the better.

This Fashionista brings nerdy-chic to a whole other level. She has the classic boxy eyeglasses but chose a tortoise-shell colored frame and a very original circular shape. These glasses are no longer just for the library. Pairing the eye-wear with her wrist-wear, her Apple Watch is customized with a brown leather double strap band. This band was found on Etsy, which has tons of other cute bands from vintage leather to neon silicone. Just by changing the color of your band your outfit will transform.

How To: Tons of brands are now selling cute nonprescription eyewear. The ones on this Fashionista are from Zara but brands like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters sell many kinds of styles and shapes. Make sure to try on a few different ones to get ones that will fit your face the best. I prefer the boxy shape, but circular ones like John Lennon had are also very nerdy-chic! As for the Apple Watch, if you have one, I would suggest looking for cute bands on Etsy or Amazon. However, if you don’t have an Apple Watch but want to take on the ‘nerdy-chic’ trend in the new year, try getting a watch that you can change the bands on from ALDO or Fossil.