June 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! After pops of color filling our wardrobes over the past few years, I’m here to let you know this summer is all about neutrals. Many think that an outfit full of neutrals is an outfit not worthy of being showcased, but that’s not true. Neutrals have found their way back not only in clothing but shoes, bags and accessories as well.

This Fashionista has put together the perfect outfit for this trend! Her beige dress has the perfect accents with the tassels, sequins and print. She then pairs the dress perfectly with her black sandals. The look is finished off with her simple yet chic brown bag to tie the outfit together. This is perfect for every daytime adventure and works well with anyone’s skin tone. I’ve always had a problem finding colors that still look good with my pale skin, and neutrals have always been kind to me! Neutrals not only are easy to pair together, but an all-neutral outfit comes off as effortless in the best way!

Neutrals don’t mean you can’t be unique with your outfit choices; it actually is the opposite. Many people are nervous to try an all-neutral outfit because it’s harder to stand out than when using bold colors. This can be avoided by following the choices this Fashionista made, and trusting your fashion instinct! Something simple with elegant details is the way to go in my book.

How To: If you want to follow this trend, all you need is to mix and match different neutrals and add some fun jewelry. While the outfit may stay warm with color, the makeup shouldn’t. Just add a bright lip and you’re set!