ALL IN THE DETAILS: Neutral Prints

As the crisp fall air approaches, we bring out our darker colored clothing instead of the light colored clothing that we wore just a few short weeks ago. We swap our more summary prints with more autumn like prints. I find that this is one of the most exciting things about the new season.The best part about this is discovering that some of your favorite summer pieces can still be carried into fall with a few styling changes. With a wardrobe revival, a new season can bring about a new perspective on styling an outfit—meaning, a whole new look for a whole new season.

I believe that in many outfits, the print of the outfit can reflect the current season. For instance, if someone is decked out in a floral print, we often think of the blooming flowers of spring. However, there are some prints that are “neutral” and are not associated with a specific season. Clothing with “neutral” prints make the best transitional pieces. They are not set in a given season, making them wearable for year round. Polka-dots, leopard and stripes are all considered to be “neutral” prints. Not one of these prints is stuck in a season; they can be worn year-round. The print of the Fashionista’s matching set is a great example of this. When it gets slightly cooler, the Fashionista can easily throw on a pair of booties, a cardigan, a floppy hat and then she will be set for fall; whereas in summer, she can wear it with a pair of sandals. Whenever you are shopping or cleansing your closet of summer stuff, it is good to be on the lookout for “neutral” prints like this Fashionista did.

How To: Channel this Fashionista’s look by wearing a matching set, of course in a fabulous print, a backpack and sandals.