ALL IN THE DETAILS: Necklaces are a Girl's Best Friend

March 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

They always say, “It’s the little things in life that can make the biggest differences.” Whether you apply this motto to your daily life or to your fashion style, you will find it to be true. Small, thoughtful details can make a big impact both in your relationships as well as in fashion world. Accessories, specifically jewelry, have always been my favorite element to complete an outfit. Jewelry gives you the freedom to take your look to a new level, whether that may be a fancy, casual or anything in between.

This month’s Fashionista shows off her casual-chic spirit in her “chill, chiller, chillest” tank top, cozy sweater, ripped boyfriend jeans and taupe healed-booties.

However, the star component of this look is her jewelry. She mixes and matches three necklaces possessing different textures and lengths to give her outfit a trendier vibe. This creative arrangement in particular gives the outfit depth and expresses the Fashionista’s innovative and unique personality. While they are all from different brands, they collectively add a cohesive addition to her look. The short, blue, triangle necklace is from francesca’s, the cold bar necklace is from Rachel Roy and the blue, braided pendent is from American Eagle Outfitters.

How To: Worried about how to achieve this look? Make the longest necklace you wear the thickest, the shortest necklace the thinnest and have your mid-length necklace be somewhere in between. This will help the pieces flow most comfortably and look most appealing. Choosing to wear a simpler outfit with these accessories will help them stand out more and complete your look.