ALL IN THE DETAILS: Natural Neutrals

With the final days of summer dwindling down, all you want to do is relax as much as possible before the stress of returning to college begins. Trying to relax while soaking up the last rays of summer can be ruined by wearing uncomfortable clothing.

This Fashionista figured out how to remain extremely comfy while still adorable from head to toe. Finding the perfect piece of comfy clothing that works for you is key in this outfit. For this Fashionista, it was her bold printed maxi skirt. I love the colors in this maxi skirt. They are very natural with just a subtle pop of coral. Adding a brown tank top was the perfect way to complement the netural tones found in the maxi skirt pattern. On this day, adding a neutral cream color cardigan was the perfect addition for the rainy, cold weather. To bring out more of the neutral found in the skirt this Fashionista added stunning brown and green statement necklace, as well as a mixture of sliver and gold bracelets. To tie everything together, adding gold and pearly sandals was the perfect finishing touch to this casual and comfy summer outfit.

How To: Creating a comfy end of summer look for yourself is super easy. Find whatever maxi skirt that fits your height, preferably with an interesting pattern and base the rest of the outfit off of that. Add whatever simple tank top and cardigan matches. Complete the look with whatever accessories you find comfortable to wear and voila you have the perfect comfy summer outfit.