A snowy day can make any campus look drab and uninviting. The white snow often creates an overbearing blanket of bland scenery. Coupled with a gray sky, it can be impossible to try your best to look cute and stylish when what is going on outside just calls for a day in bed. This Fashionista takes on the perfect color scheme to create the perfect mixture of natural hues to offset the drab white and gray of winter.

Cargo green, different shades of gray, off-white and dark blue allow for a clean and simple outfit. This Fashionista looks great in her cargo jacket with gray sweater sleeves. By wearing a shirt underneath that is not too bright, but ever so muted, she continues the theme of utilizing natural tones to create a soft and inviting look. Her knitted circle scarf adds a seasonal component to the outfit, while her dark blue jeans create a perfect balance between light and dark. The simple slits over the Fashionista’s knees make this outfit a bit edgier, and her light gray combat boots put a different spin on a common piece.

How To: Pick out the clothes in your closet that have the same general tone to them. Whether you utilize neutrals like this Fashionista or create an ensemble that instead has warm color tones, the trick to pulling this off is to stick with only a few colors and utilize different shades, like how the Fashionista did with gray. You don’t need a statement piece for this outfit, which only adds to the easiness of looking great on a cold winter day!