We’ve seen them on the most stylish celebrities. We’ve seen them on our favorite fashion bloggers. Even Fashionistas we pass by on the street have tested out this hot trend. What am I talking about? Claws. The evolution of nails has come a long way and the pointed tips are making a statement.

When I first spotted this Fashionista, my eyes were drawn to her dress. The pattern of the dress combined with the cinched neckline that lays across her neck gave her look a bohemian feel. As I got closer, however, I immediately noticed her sky blue nails, which perfectly complement the color scheme of the dress. The pointed tips, also referred to as claws, add the perfect amount of edge to her bohemian look. She keeps the focus of her look on her nails by wearing only a James Avery crown ring and minimal makeup, including her NARS Nucleus lip gloss.

As nail design has become increasingly popular in recent years. People are beginning to let their nails be the statement piece of their look. And because the possibilities for how to style them are endless, nails are an effortless yet trendy beauty accessory that every Fashionista cannot wait to try out. Whether one decides to rock the claws or a cool design, nail art gives fashionable individuals the opportunity to incorporate new trends into their summer wardrobe without breaking the bank.

How To: The key to rocking this trend is to choose a color that will complement your outfit while also giving it that extra pop! Keep your look minimalistic, allowing your nails to be bold and beautiful this summer.

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