ALL IN THE DETAILS: Nail Those Heels

I wish that I could steal this Fashionista’s shoes. These strappy heels remind me of gladiator sandals. They are the perfect pair of heels that say, “I am fashionable and tough!”. This entire outfit is very soft, with simple lines. However, the pattern of the heels break up the simple lines adding extra edge to a pretty outfit. White is a great way to have your shoes stand out amongst the crowd instead of the simple black shoe.

Never forget, if you are wearing any type of open-toe shoe, please apply a coat of nail polish on your toes! Nail polish is actually a very important part of your outfit. For instance, this Fashionista managed to match her nail polish with the flowers on her skirt.

This Fashionista told me a cool story about how she obtained this skirt. While on a high school Europe trip, one of her friends lost her wallet and sold this skirt to the Fashionista! Sometimes a stylish piece can come from anywhere. This Fashionista pairs a floral skirt with a simple black T-shirt so that the skirt can stand out. If you look close enough, you will notice that the top of the skirt is a black elastic-type band. The black T-shirt actually hides the band since it blends seamlessly in. One of my favourite things about this outfit is how it slowly moves from a very stark clean white shoe, into slow gradient of a demure beige with little flowers that match the nail polish, to the black band of the skirt, to the black of the T-shirt. Even the ombre hair helps to break up the colours. Since this Fashionista has naturally dark hair, the ombré style helps to frame the simple and sweet necklace that the Fashionista is wearing. This trick also gives the eyes a break from the uniformed black of the T-shirt. This outfit is impressive to say the least!

How To: This look is very simple, but as I was writing this article I realized just how many details there were in this outfit. I suggest that you start with hunting down a beautiful gladiator style heel. Ditch the flats for this season and stand a little bit taller. Try picking bolder colours like white, but don’t forget to pick a beautiful polish for your toes! Since it is summer try a spring and summer set of nail colours like the one from NAILS INC. This will allow you to play around with different fun summer colours! Buy a cute floral skirt that matches your favourite polish so that you never have to question if your polish matches! Go for a cute basic T-Shirt, and try one with a capped sleeve to keep the outfit feminine and to keep yourself cool in the summer heat. Top it all off with a small and feminine necklace to keep the outfit, simple and sweet. You will be sure to “nail” this outfit if you do.