Have you ever imagined having your own photo shoot, where you lean on a motorcycle, face the road ahead and don’t even bother to look at the camera? I will be honest, I’m guilty of having this dream myself. Everyone loves a little edge. People have long been captivated with the idea of the “bad boy” or “bad girl” style ever since James Dean appeared in a leather jacket in Rebel Without a Cause.

However, this Fashionista took a new spin on a moto jacket. Instead of leather, she’s wearing a moto jacket that sports a velvet texture. Along with the jacket, she wore black ankle booties and fitted black pants. The material always makes the outfit. Sometimes it feels as if it seeps into your skin and allows a new attitude to take over. When my eye caught this jacket, I thought about the instant confidence one can attain while wearing it. It’s amazing how much influence a piece of garment has, the story behind it and the feeling you get when you put it on for the very first time.

Whenever I step into a store and spy the perfect attire, I feel like Madonna in “Like A Virgin.” Each piece you purchase should touch you and give a new perspective. Fashionistas, that is the key to life…attitude. It’s all about attitude and how one uses it. The best part about fashion is that you have total control over what you wear and the way you get to express yourself. Your closet is where you get to explore your freedom. A great escape.

How To: Step into your closet and take out that moto, biker or classic leather jacket you have hiding in there and rock it “like it’s 1999!”