November 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the leaves fall along with the temperature, so do are bank accounts and our motivation. However, for this Fashionista the fall is all about neutrals. Since the summer and spring is for pastel palettes, she decides to bring out the warm neutral colors; black, gray, nude and white.

This Fashionista does a seamless job of coordinating the neutral colors of black and gray. Although she wears dark colors, the texture of her clothing pieces are very gentle and soft. Since this Fashionista wears an all-black outfit, she decides to wear a thick, draped cardigan and a gold-lettered logo leather belt to add a pop of color. The draped cardigan provides movement and flow to her outfit which adds a feminine touch. Due to her small frame, it is very easy to drown in sweaters and cardigans, however, wearing a belt around her waist accentuates her body and adds flair to her ensemble. In order to elongate her height and legs, she decides to wear her black suede knee-high boots. To make her outfit even more perfect for the fall, she pairs up her look with a black floppy hat that ties her whole oufit together

How To: This Fashionista’s outfit is probably the easiest outfit to imitate since all of her fashion pieces are on trend. Don’t let the knee-high boots intimidate you with its height. If you manage to wear the boots with black leggings or jeans they will blend together seamlessly.


  • Stacy Ki

    A rising sophomore at Babson College dreaming about working at fashion corporate accounting office in Los Angeles or New York. In order to obtain my goal, I am diligently studying business administration with an accounting concentration, while noticing the inflows of fashion trends everyday.