ALL IN THE DETAILS: Monochromatic Rocker

I think part of the reason why this Fashionista’s outfit stood out to me was because on this particular day, it was 85 degrees, with clear blue skies. I remember thinking, “Wow, all-black when the weather’s like this?!” When I got closer, however, I realized that not only was she a hardcore trooper through this oddly warm winter weather, but her look itself was definitely worth writing about!

When I was observing her outfit, I instantly got a very cool rocker vibe, which was definitely accentuated by the black monochromatic look. With the unique print and texture of her top (check out that back zipper!), the faded jeans, the lace-up boots and the implementation of the color black, this Fashionista exudes a tough and cool vibe that was definitely different among everyone else’s loose and getting-ready-for-spring outfits that I had seen all around campus.

It’s hard to just pick one detail of her outfit that stands out because, personally, I think all the unique details work extremely well together. But I would say that choosing to go monochromatic really makes everything work. To wear monochromatic outfits, it is essentially wearing separate pieces of one color that could have different textures to create a cohesive look. The cool thing about wearing one single color, or different shades of the same color, is that your entire look is uninterrupted, which means it can elongate your silhouette and make you look taller!

How To: Want to try out this sophisticated (but totally easy) trend? Simply pick pieces in your wardrobe that have the same color or different shades of that color. When attempting to pull off the look, it’s important to not over clutter your outfit. If you want to give a go at this Fashionista’s rocker vibe along with the black monochromatic, try incorporating this motorcycle jacket or destroyed skinny jeans!