ALL IN THE DETAILS: Monochromatic Mamí

We’ve steered clear of wearing an outfit composed of only one color ever since our parents used to make us wear those sweat suits as kids. It’s still very often that wearing all of one color is something that’s frowned upon because it can be disastrous if not done correctly.

I found this Fashionista walking from class on one of Richmond’s gloomiest days. The weather was comfortable, but the sky overcast. Her outfit matching the occasion, she rocks an all over blue-based palette. Her shirt literally resembling the ombré seen on a paint swatch, she carries the monochromatic look starting at her hat and carries it all the way through to her denim. She pulls from immediate extensions of the palette, a reflective, light grey backpack and white shoes.

Next, there are two different ways to put together a monochromatic look. The first would be an entire outfit of the exact same hue whether it be solely through a two-piece top and bottom or including matching accessories. The trick here is breaking it up with texture and keeping it fairly minimal; wearing too many pieces of the same color can become excessive and cluttered. Stay simple, especially because it can be hard to find separate, same-toned pieces.

The other way would be how our Fashionista demonstrated monochrome by pulling from an entire palette. Explore the color’s various shades (word to Christian Grey) to create a fun, yet coordinated outfit!

How To: Start neutral; if you’re not completely sure which color(s) will best suit your complexion and features, that’s okay! Choosing an all over grey, white or black is a safe and chic place to start. Not everyone is meant to rock fuchsia or yellow, so join the trend comfortably.