ALL IN THE DETAILS: Modern Gentleman

February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

Dressing for the winter can get pretty boring. Your outfit consists of a long sleeve and pants and you end up throwing on a hoodie to keep you warm, all of which ends up ruining your look. Florida winter lasts about a month or two which means we end up wearing the same pieces of outerwear time and time again. This is when accessories save the day and give you a chance to wear the same outfit in an infinite amount of ways.

This Fashionisto definitely nailed it. His outfit is composed of the basic long sleeve and pants, but accessorized to perfection with a touch of gray. What caught my eye was his Calvin Klein scarf. Scarves have been a staple in both men and women’s wardrobe for many years and not only does it protect your neck from the cold, but adds an element of style to any winter wardrobe. Also protecting him from the cold is a simple black beanie which brings out a cool yet casual hipster vibe.

He ties the look together with these sick high-top sneakers that make him the ultimate modern gentleman. This was another thing that caught my eye in the sea of just wearing Converse and Vans. Even his Steve Madden camouflage backpack matches the look perfectly. It even makes you wonder whether or not he has a different backpack to match each look!

How To: If you’re ready to accessorize your winter wardrobe, try imitating this Fashionisto’s look by investing in a few scarves, a beanie and stepping out of your comfort zone and adding a funky pair of shoes to your closet!