ALL IN THE DETAILS: Modern Day Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe is an American icon known for her sex appeal and style from the classic Hollywood era. There are few people even to this day that wouldn’t be able to recognize her picture if they saw it. Marilyn’s most notorious photo featured her platinum blonde hair, beauty mark and white dress blowing up from an air vent on a sidewalk while she remains glamorous as ever. I don’t know many people who can still look like an absolute bombshell  standing on a sidewalk while having what would be to most, as a wardrobe malfunction. She however, being a movie star and idol coined the look and made it her trademark.

Years have gone by since Marilyn even walked this earth, let alone starred in a film or walked the red carpet. But, her look and the vintage pieces that contributed to fashion at that time have been honed in on all over by Fashionista’s far and wide. Being right in the heart of an urban campus, I’m surrounded by guys and gals who love vintage and incorporate it into their daily ensembles like they were sent straight from the ’50s.

The Fashionista pictured above had her own take on vintage and old Hollywood. The white, chiffon bodysuit she was wearing emulated Marilyn and her classic look. Whenever looking to channel her inner vintage Hollywood star, the Fashionista likes to shop at NASTY GAL which is the perfect shopping site with a combination of modern and vintage collections. Adding a more modern flare, she wore distressed boyfriend jeans cuffed at the bottom. A boyfriend fit adds a casual yet chic touch that lets the outfit have some range in terms of where it could be worn. Finishing it all off with simple nude heels tunes in the elegance and glamour that vintage is known for. The shoes are also able to balance out the jeans and boho necklace fitting the plunging neckline of the bodysuit.

At first, it may seem like vintage isn’t an option for you and your closet. The pieces can be expensive and may be hard to find since they’re not stocked on a rack in a department store. Don’t get discouraged quite yet though! As mentioned before, there are some great places like NASTY GAL and even Free People to find vintage or vintage looking items. Try starting off with one really great piece, like a bodysuit, that can be interchangeable with other items already in your closet. Beginning with one nice item will help your wallet and enable your inner Fashionista to get creative.

How To: Next time you’re about to join the girls for a night out, pair a solid-colored bodysuit with a pair of distressed blue jeans. Let the bodysuit do all the talking by wearing simple heels and a simple necklace. Lastly, keep it chic by making sure the jeans aren’t too tight.