ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixing Up Patterns

March 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

Ooh baby it’s cold outside! Just because it’s still cold, doesn’t necessarily mean you still can’t look cute and fashionable. Although it’s important to dress warm, of course, it’s also important to look trendy. It does become difficult at times when it’s snowing, and you don’t exactly know what shoes to wear or what type of clothing to wear. Well, this Fashionisto knew exactly how to stay warm and cute during this cold weather.

What I loved about this Fashionisto’s look was how he incorporated the plaid pattern in both his scarf and coat. He did a great job matching the patterns together with his outfit and made sure the colors didn’t clash.  Believe it or not his plaid scarf could be worn as a cape as well. This Fashionisto told me he felt as if the jeans in his outfit were different because he’s used to wearing professional dark denim but he couldn’t resist buying the jeans when he went on a random shopping trip in Italy.

If you pay attention to this Fashionisto’s outfit, you really notice how trendy but warm it is. The top he is wearing is a regular zip-up sweatshirt and the neckline has faux fur, which also helps him stay warm in addition to his scarf. And he also adds some thermals under his jeans being that they have rips. He finished off his outfit by pairing it with some black Chelsea boots which are trending right now.

How To: Having trouble deciding what to wear on a cold day? Find a bold scarf with a cool pattern to match it with a stylish coat and you’ll be warm and trendy.