ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixing Patterns

For many people, mixing patterns can be a very hard thing to pull off. What they don’t know is by mixing the right patterns, it can be easy to achieve. For example, mixing a simple striped pattern with a floral design can be a good way to start. When you become more comfortable thinking outside the box, you can mix different patterns together, like this Fashionista is rocking. She is rocking an Aztec designed crop top, while also adding a layering piece with a black lace kimono. Wearing black over a colored top can mute out the intense pattern that is shown on the top. The lace detail on the kimono adds a textured element to the ensemble.

You may think that the pattern mixing shown on this Fashionista is too much, or does not match. In that case, these patterns match perfectly well because of the color scheme. The details on the crop top have black included, which is complemented in the kimono and in the shoes as well. Also, the tassels on the kimono adds an old country tone or desert tone to match the Aztec. The lace detail on the kimono helps add interest to the shoulders and arms. A way to mute the tone of the patterns together is to add a neutral bottom, like a skirt, or high-waisted jean shorts or pants!

How To: A way to add more interest to mixing patterns, add cool accessories like a spiked necklace or a stack of bracelets! Also, you could add a fedora and wear your hair down!