Never mixing metals can be added to the list of outdated style myths, alongside always matching your handbag to your shoes and never wearing white after Labor Day. Forget about having to choose between silver and gold. Mixing metals, if done right, can spice up a simple outfit and make you look ultra-chic!  Plus, who doesn’t enjoy breaking the rules… well, at least some of the time.

This trend is easily accomplished by stacking your favorite rose gold bangles with a gunmetal cuff or layering yellow-gold and silver necklaces.  The options are endless, but I do have a couple guidelines to make your mixed-matched hardware look purposeful and stylish.  First, it’s important that the styles of your jewelry make sense together aesthetically. Combining different styles and different metals wouldn’t look unified. Also, layering your different colored metals in one place helps make your accessory choice look more intentional.

The Fashionista pictured above is a great example of how to master mixing metals.  She wears a comfy Free People sweater with black skinny jeans and adds a Western flair by tucking in her sweater to show off her gold, ornate double buckle belt.  She contrasts her gold belt by stacking a rose gold bracelet, a rhinestone bangle and a silver cable bracelet on one wrist. She also accessorizes by layering silver, dangly earrings. Mixing these warm and cool metals adds a splash of color and texture to her monochromatic outfit.

How To: If you don’t feel confident mixing metals on your own, start by purchasing a piece that has the job done for you.