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March 23rd, 2017 at 2:07am

Well, it is finally that time of the year where Fashionistas and Fashionistos are trading their dark winter pieces for more colorful spring apparel. Once the weather becomes warmer, poppy colors tend to manifest themselves because the atmosphere, especially on a college campus, is way more upbeat and lively. There is a distinguishable difference in how many students actually break out of their dorms, which makes the energy found throughout the day surge in a contagious manner. Trust me, taking advantage of a beautiful spring day on campus is a great way to radiate positivity both through your inevitable giddy behavior and bright clothes.

Now, this Fashionista encompasses everything I just mentioned. Her continuous smile and flashy red blouse totally sets the tone that she is not trying to hide in the background, but rather, she’s willing to stand out amongst the crowd. The blouse itself is bold enough to make a statement, but like the unique individual this Fashionista is, she adds more flare to the look by effortlessly throwing on a leather jacket. I have never seen a leather jacket that wasn’t black or caramel before, so obviously I fell in love with it at first sight.

I’m also a huge fan of toning down bold pieces with solid jeans and booties to create an even balance with the outfit. It may seem basic, but black jeans and booties go a long way in the fashion world because they effortlessly make a classier look. This Fashionista shares my obsession for black jeans and booties; and honestly who doesn’t? They are the ultimate go-to pieces that literally never fail on any occasion.

Speaking of go-to pieces, my favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her staple gold, black, and silver accessories. She told me that she rarely leaves her dorm without her Tiffany & Co. necklace, Alex and Ani bangles, and Pandora rings. Clearly, any college girl is envious of the fact that she can rock all of these accessories at once, but what I noticed the most is how she mixed different metals. Her gold hoop earrings alongside her silver bangles and necklace goes against the norm of only wearing one type of metal, but because of that, her vibe is boosted immensely. Doubling up with a choker shows her fun and easygoing side too.

Abandoning old fashion rules, like not mixing metals, is surely a risky task to undertake because there are critics everywhere. Sometimes the fear of being judged stops young people from expressing themselves the way they want to. From what I’ve experienced though, being true to your style and yourself outweighs any negativity that can come your way. If you want to stunt snazzy jacket and blouse to class, go for it. If you want to mix metals because your favorite accessories happen to be both gold and silver, do it. I mean, who knows, maybe wearing gold earrings and a silver bracelet can be the start of a fresh new trend.