Mixing patterns is up there on the list of difficult styles to pull off, along with color blocking and head-to-toe denim. Although I am a firm believer that most any outfit can be pulled off with the right styling and confidence, we still don’t want to make poor outfit combinations. Spending that extra 45 minutes in front of a mirror in the morning with nothing but a pile of dejected fabric cannot happen anymore.

I felt a whole lot of inspired when I saw this Fashionista’s outfit. I knew my days of begrudgingly throwing on a solid pant and feeling like a failure for not taking risks were over. She flawlessly combined a scallop-patterned dress with a floral kimono. When mixing patterns, it’s best to combine a smaller scale pattern with a larger one. It is also important to remember color. Both patterns in this outfit contained gold tones that gave off the feeling of luxury. The art deco patterned dress and vintage flower designs play off each other harmoniously.

This Fashionista’s white cutout heels pack the perfect punk-y vibe that ties the look together. I am absolutely in love with her unicorn clutch; it’s super fun and versatile. When matching accessories to a mixed pattern look, it’s best to stick to neutrals or colors that allow the pattern to be the main focus.

When it comes down to it, taking fashion risks always requires some level of trial and error. We’ve all been that person unable to find one good outfit in a sea of clothes. The important thing is to try. The most reward is found from taking risks. So maybe it’s time we all step out of the “solids only” zone and take a walk on the patterned side.

How To: Here is a starter kit for mixing patterns: a kimono jacket, a small-patterned dress and a fun clutch. Go forth and conquer!