Summer is such a perfect time to experiment with colors and prints. The warmer weather, less responsibility and carefree attitudes are what make it such an appropriate time to test your limits. I feel like many people may think wearing two different patterns is never an option, but it makes an outfit so much more interesting and impressionable. Wearing patterns can be easy if they’re in the same range of color and aren’t too crazy. If the colors of the two different patterns match, chances are they will look good together. Having a simpler pattern mixed with a busier one is also a great tip and what this Fashionista did. The Fashionista paired two different textures effortlessly to create a picture-perfect casual summer look.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for a hot summer day with the girls. She’s wearing a patterned maxi skirt paired with a gold sequined top. A watch, some bracelets and a simple necklace add some more detail to the look. What makes this outfit work is the printed skirt with a more neutral top that still has texture. The top and skirt pair well together because they fit in the same color scheme.

How To: Everyone should at least try to pair different patterns and textures just to see how it looks. Next time you’re creating an outfit for your next outing pick some prints that flow well together and try it on. Imagine how many more outfits you can create with things in your closet when you experiment like this! This Fashionista is a great example of testing out different textures for your summer outfit.