As the summer months begin approaching along with the hot Florida sun, the last thing I want to be worrying about are the accessories on my body. I’m not sure if it’s because my claustrophobia is kicking in or that jewelry gets more annoying when I’m hot. Nonetheless, this realization has lead me, along with many other Florida Fashionistas, to get on board with the minimalist jewelry trend.

This Fashionista showcases her minimalist jewelry with ease. She is rocking this totally bomb striped T-shirt dress. I absolutely love the ribbed detail on her dress; it’s a surprise element for sure. On top of her dress, the Fashionista layered an awesome outerwear piece perfect for the warmer months. This denim moto jacket is not only super cute, but light enough to be worn all year around!

Like I mentioned earlier, this Fashionista is not only rocking a minimalist look but some totally awesome minimalist jewelry, as well. Around her neck she has on a simple bar pendant necklace. I love how the necklace isn’t super noticeable, but still brings some personality to her entire look. Her only other piece of jewelry is a watch around her wrist. This black banded, large-faced watch is the perfect arm candy for this minimalist gal. To finish off her look, she has on a pair of white canvas sneakers with enough personality for her entire look. I love how worn in these shoes are, it really adds a bit of character to her look!

How To: Next time you’re feeling a minimalist moment coming on, be sure to always take off one accessory item before you leave the house. Doing so will help to make sure you aren’t over doing it in the accessory department.