ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mini Backpacks

Have you ever wanted to wear a dress without pockets, but you don’t have anything to place your cellphone and wallet in? The only thing you can do is to hold them in your hands, which is both unsafe and inconvenient. When this happens, I highly recommend that you have a mini backpack on your shoulders.

Mini backpacks are the perfect choice for an outfit without pockets. They are more comfortable than handbags while more suitable for feminine styles than normal-sized backpacks. Some friends have expressed their concerns to me about mini backpacks. They thought that backpacks, no matter what size, could never go with dresses or skirts. This Fashionista showed us how to pair mini backpacks with feminine outfits.

She completed her outfit with a back ringer T-shirt and paired it with a white midi skirt. She also wore a pair of baby blue heeled sandals and a floppy hat. The skirt, the heeled sandals and the floppy hat are all highly feminine items, but why did they not look weird with the mini backpack? Although the Fashionista’s whole outfit was both feminine and elegant, a simple detail enabled the backpack to go with her outfit. The piping details on the collar added sportiness to the T-shirt while adding casualness to the whole outfit; thus, enabling the mini backpack and the whole outfit to work well together.

How To: Have you always worried about carrying a backpack with feminine outfits? A mini backpack is your answer and “casualness” is the key word that you are looking for your outfit. Adding details with casualness to your feminine outfits can allow your mini backpacks to shine on your shoulders.