ALL IN THE DETAILS: Military Jacket

When it rains in the summer, I’ll usually just call off all my plans and have an all day movie marathon with myself, but sometimes I can’t be that lucky. Although yucky weather really can ruin your outdoor plans, you shouldn’t automatically cancel what you were going to do. As tempting as lying on your couch for six hours straight and stuffing your face with whatever you can find in your barren cabinets is, you will thank yourself if you go along with your original schedule. The right rainy day outfit will fix all of your bipolar summer weather problems.

The main focus of this Fashionista’s outfit that helps with tricky weather is her light military jacket. This jacket is light enough for the summertime but also will keep you warm if it is breezy out. A military jacket in my opinion can be substituted as a rain jacket because it will keep you dry and is much more stylish. She keeps her outfit casual with a patterned crop top layered underneath that she can easily rock without her jacket. Her ripped skinny jeans look great tucked into her practical knee high rain boots. Lastly, I love her boho accessories that finish off the outfit and makes it more interesting. Specifically, her bold earrings add color and bring attention to her great french braid.

How To: There is no longer a need to be afraid of the summer rain! The rainy weather can be conquered by a comfy and cool military jacket with a pair of classic rain boots.