ALL IN THE DETAILS: Menswear Minimalism

February 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

New year, new semester, same level of insanity, same resolutions to do bigger, more exciting things. I’m not too confident I’ll be able to fulfill those resolutions (between work, school, and the general craziness of life), but so far, I have been able to dabble with some new methods and projects.

I’m so blessed to work around such inspiring, creative people at my little retail job in the local Urban Outfitters. I have always been so enthralled by fashion and styling, but for so long, all of my collective knowledge was only able to translate to women’s clothes. Being surrounded by so many slick-dressing males who are so passionate about expressing their own personal style has been quite informative and refreshing.

This article’s Fashionisto was captured while I was shooting in Center City Philadelphia for a styling project that I’ve been collaboratively working on for the past few months. Like I said, I know zip about menswear, but now I can spot a good look when it’s out there. Personally, I sometimes struggle with men’s fashion because, compared to women’s, there’s a total lack of diversity. It seems like there’s a million different versions of the same three styles of shirts and pants. That’s where nitpicking the details REALLY becomes important; it can even some down to one cuffed sleeve in some instances.

These colors are neutral and the pieces aren’t particularly eccentric, but with a few key accessories, like a mini beanie and oversize, printed scarf, this is a novel, edgy, and modern look. Wrap it up with some quirky but fully-functional boots and you’re ready for a six page spread in Vogue.

I hope your semester’s off to a great start (if you’re currently in school like me), and I hope you’re all staying inspired. Keep styling and serving looks. Be your own icon.


  • Layne Miller

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