ALL IN THE DETAILS: Match Made in Metal

November 28th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Match Made in Metal

Baby, it’s cold outside! Fall is upon us and with the changing weather comes the challenge of staying warm while making those necessary fashion statements. It’s quite nippy out right now. Thankfully, stylish outerwear is abundant at stores like J.Crew and Zara , but it can swallow the rest of your outfit. How does a Fashionista/o work around such a trendy problem?

I was fortunate enough to spot a local Fashionista on campus who had discovered the solution. This Fashionista dawned a totally fabulous fall ensemble. She wore black leggings, an over-sized, gray, mock neck T-shirt and a long wool coat. She added black booties and carried a black bag for a professional vibe.

The apparel in itself was already great, but the addition of the gold accessories made it that much better! The Fashionista layered gold necklaces over the T-shirt for some added drama up top. She also wore a ton of gold rings on each hand and rocked a killer gold watch. Her bag and booties hardware also boasted brassy gold tones and pulled together the entire look!

Metal is a great way to make a statement now that the weather is cooling off. Don’t feel as though you have to limit the accessories to your person either, bag charms are another great way to add some fun to an otherwise neutral piece.

The fact that this Fashionista chose to wear all gold hardware really solidified her look. Wearing the same hardware throughout can create a sense of unity and make all of your pieces appear as though they are all a part of a collection.

Don’t let the shorter days get you down, the fun is all in the details.