Due to the bitter weather during the winter, your outfit falls second to your accessories. Your hat, scarf, gloves and coat are the first thing to catch peoples’ eyes while walking through the snow. So why not dress your best?

This Fashionista is a prime example. Her scarf and hat complement each other perfectly while her coat, although stylish, is a simple color. Buying a coat in black, white, gray or even hunter green keeps your color palette neutral and allows for play when it comes to accessories. If you invest in a patterned coat (not saying you shouldn’t—there are some pretty amazing ones that are pretty hard to pass up), it will limit the color and pattern you can pair with it.

This Fashionista’s neutral black coat is paired with a pair of black jeans and a stylish white top, all of which helps the purple of her hat and scarf pop against the plain background. Her scarf and hat aren’t a matching set either. The purple in the scarf complements the flecks of purple in her hat. She looks absolutely fabulous and shows she isn’t afraid to dress nice, even in the cold.

There are many different ways that you can duplicate this look but with your own twist. For starters, don’t buy a matching hat, scarf and glove set. Although those are nice, they’re boring! Use your Fashionista skills to shop around and find accessories that complement one another. If you decide on a patterned scarf, try and find a solid hat that picks up the subtle colors hidden in the pattern. If you prefer a patterned hat, follow those same simple steps except reversed. Before you know it, you’ll have a collection of many colors and patterns. Chances are a lot will go with one another, so you can switch it up daily if you’d like! One thing’s for sure: you’ll be dressed to impress all while keeping warm, and watching your collection grow will be even more exciting.

How To: Put your Fashionista skills to the test! Shop around to find the perfect hat and scarf set, and then pair it with any neutral-colored coat and jeans and you’ll be good to go.