The menswear trend for women is nothing new, but it is always fashion-forward. What was once a rebellion towards the usual fashions (think Coco Chanel’s menswear-inspired clothing in 1920s France) is now a look that provides effortlessness and comfort with a European feel for women. One of the best aspects of this trend is how easy it is to achieve while still adding a feminine flair and this Fashionista does just that!

This Fashionista’s look exemplifies the best this trend has to offer. Inspired by the androgynous style of French women, she starts off the look with a simple striped top and burgundy cardigan. The high neck of the shirt illustrates the masculine neckline of menswear-inspired clothing while the more fitted cardigan provides a feminine silhouette to balance out the neckline. Her distressed boyfriend jeans are the ideal addition to this look since they add a very masculine feel. The color palette of this Fashionista’s look shows her knowledge of the menswear trend because they were neutral and cool-toned like most of the menswear we see today.

This Fashionista kept her accessories understated but complementary to her clothing. You can still add feminine aspects in a menswear look! Her burgundy Dr. Martens were the perfect match to her cardigan and also had a masculine undertone with its combat style. Similarly, her blue bag complemented her boyfriend jeans and the simplicity and leather texture of the bag continued the masculine trend. This Fashionista knew to add some jewelry to still maintain her femininity and thus added a leather bracelet and gold earrings. So although the jewelry brought a feminine aspect to the overall masculine look, she knew that adding elements such as a leather bracelet and simple earrings wouldn’t be a deterrence to her menswear look.

How To: Want to think like a man? Find a T-shirt and pair it with some boyfriend jeans. Accentuate your waist by tying a flannel around it and add a pair of combat boots to finish off your own menswear-inspired look!