ALL IN THE DETAILS: Making Your Mark

Finding yourself and your own personal style is a beautiful thing. Being confident in what you are wearing all while not being afraid to take risks in your wardrobe is so important! Making bold statements with your wardrobe is a great away to stand out in the crowd. This month’s Fashionista does just that!

This Fashionista’s outfit makes a bold and creative statement. As I was taking her pictures, we started talking about personal style and what she does to reflect her own style on a day-to-day basis. She went on to tell me that she likes to create her own clothes. She will go shopping and find clothes that she likes, and after, she goes home and tweaks them to fit her own style. This is a great way to stay up to date with trends but also make sure it reflects you as a person.

We shot these pictures on a neutral wall to make the pattern on her shirt stand out. This Fashionista created this top by cutting and tying the back into a knot creating a fitted crop top. The small details of her crop top design make it really stand out.This pattern is a good transition between fall and summer. As for bottoms, she is wearing a pair of black leggings that complement the top. For shoes, she is wearing a pair of simple gladiator sandals. She kept her accessories to a minimum, by just wearing a simple silver necklace.

Adding your own personal touch to certain pieces can make any look that much cuter! See something you like in a store that you want to make a bit more your own? Add a few personal tweaks and you are good to go!

How To: To create this outfit just go digging in your closet for crop top, then grab a pair of scissors and cut the back and tie it into a knot. Voila! You still have a crop top just with a lil’ flare. Depending on the the color of the crop top, pairing a neutral pair of leggings and a pair of simple shoes will make your outfit complete.