ALL IN THE DETAILS: Making Secondhand First Class

A good thrift store is a college student’s best friend. Thrift stores are budget friendly and can be a gold mine for vintage pieces. You just need to have the patience to root through bins of clothing or scour the racks for the perfect find. Styling vintage clothing is another challenge. Unless you want to look like you walked right out of any given decade, adding modern or timeless touches to your look is essential.

This Fashionisto paired a vintage button-down shirt from Goodwill with classic accessories to make his look fun and unique without looking like an extra in Back to the Future. The brightly colored floral print on the button-down makes the shirt the main focus of the outfit. To complement his summery thrifted top, this Fashionisto sports black Ray-Ban sunglasses. These classic shades give the outfit a preppy touch, grounding the ’80s button-down in the 21st century. This Fashionisto also makes his look contemporary with a Fossil watch similar to this one. The watch is sleek and modern, lending the casual look a refined flair. And, both the watch and the sunglasses are black with gold accents, complementing each other without clashing with the colorful shirt. Finally, light khaki shorts and navy blue Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers add to the preppy, sporty look of the outfit without distracting from the statement shirt.

How To: Don’t know how to style a vintage piece with a crazy, multicolored print? Think simple. Keep accessories to a minimum and make sure they don’t distract from or clash with the statement piece. Add modern touches. And finally, try making the other pieces of your look follow a neutral, simple color palette. You want all eyes to be on your unique thrifted find!