ALL IN THE DETAILS: Making A Statement

There are many reasons that we are drawn to wearing mostly black clothing; whether it’s in order to attract more rays from the sun during winter, because of how easy it is to create outfits or simply because of how classic an all black wardrobe looks, black clothing is very wearable. Before moving to New York, I used to wear mainly black outfits even during the Florida summer season. If you’re not as crazy as me, then you probably lean towards this more in the winter season, like this Fashionista that I spotted on campus.

This Fashionista is exactly what I have been looking for since beginning as a Style Guru! It’s admirable how she embraces individualism and therefore can be noted as one of FIT’s biggest trendsetters I’ve noticed to date. As a lover of emerald green tones, I was immediately drawn in by her luscious coat. She wore a witch box bag, which works as the perfect school satchel. Her black furry earmuffs featured bead detailing that combined her style with the practical accessory. For footwear, she wore black platform boots that seemed to cover the lengths of her legs. Black leather gloves with fur detailing completed the look.

Seeing this Fashionista look so effortlessly stylish and cozy in her feather coat made me want to run out and get my own! Ostrich feather coats come in all shapes, colors and sizes. The way that the coats are constructed makes the feathers look more like fur than actual feathers, making this a nice twist on the usual fur coat look. The fall 2015 New York Fashion Week shows predict fur continuing to reign supreme, so this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you think you’d be able to pull this look off or not, just remember that it’s all in your attitude and how you carry yourself. Statement coats are the way to go!

How to: Living in a city where half the year the weather is characterized by frigid temperatures means having to constantly hide away in a coat. Because of this, seek out a crazy cool coat that will be exciting to show off all through winter. An ostrich feather coat, like this Fashionista’s, is sure to spice up your winter wardrobe!