While giant, fluffy dogs and sky high ice cream cones are great, don’t let them fool you. Bigger isn’t always better–especially when it comes to bags. If you’re anything like me, the bigger the bag, the more it adopts black-hole-like qualities. With my bag swallowing everything from lip balm to my copy of Marie Claire for the bus ride home, I found thinking small had its perks. So leave the handbags and purses at home because mini backpacks are the perfect on the go accessory to avoid feeling like Mary Poppins and her bottomless carpet bag.

Fjallraven Kanken mini backpacks add a quirky element to any look. Great for an afternoon at the museum or the city arts festival, this trendy pack revamps the classic school essential into a unique accessory that is both functional and fun. Although Kanken backpacks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, opting for the mini model draws the eye because the small size allows for the backpack to sit perfectly center on your back as opposed to a traditional, full size pack. The Vinylon material is both durable and lightweight, while the size is just big enough to carry your belongings without losing them inside the pack. Personally, I love how these backpacks eliminate the need to carry a purse (look mom no hands!)

This Fashionista is showing off her mini backpack by coupling it with an oversized utility jacket. The navy striped shirt and white Vans are a great way to integrate a softer, less edgy vibe and break up the solid military green from the jacket. To finish the look, she adds just the right amount of color to her laidback look by using the backpack’s warm yellow to contrast the neutral ensemble.

Moral of the story: when it comes to backpacks, size matters.

How To: Love the idea of a mini backpack, but want a less casual option? Try a tiny pack in leather instead of Vinylon. It’s a cleaner, more chic look with all the fun of keeping it small.