ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make A Statement

Dressing bright and colorful on a gloomy, rainy spring day can be difficult. All you want to do is stay in your bed alternating between taking naps and having a Netflix marathon. However, the real world does not stop when the weather decides that it is in a bad mood. Dark, gloomy days call for a dark, gloomy wardrobe, which is totally okay. I believe that what you wear can change your mood, especially a simple necklace. So, if you wear dark, gloomy clothes, you will be in a dark, gloomy mood. If you brighten up your outfit for the day, you will feel happier. Don’t let the gross weather dictate your spring attitude, even if it is just with one accessory.

This Fashionista may be dressed in darker tones, but the pop of color from her necklace and her bright smile instantly change the mood. She paired a long salt and pepper colored cardigan with a black, lace top to add some detail. She added some cropped, ripped boyfriend jeans and black pointed toe flats. To finish off the look, she wore a blue, white and green statement necklace for that right amount of color to her otherwise neutral look. Her look is simple, comfy and professional, with a pop of color that adds some fun to the overall ensemble. This Fashionista definitely knows how to brighten up a rainy spring day.

How To: Grab your favorite pair of distressed jeans and a black top. Pair the pieces with simple black flats and a long cardigan. To top it all of, find the perfect statement necklace to give your effortless look a pop of color and a sense of completion.