ALL IN THE DETAILS: Made In The '90s

July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

If you’re a true ‘90s kid, you’ll remember your closet consisting of multiple pairs of jellies, chokers, overalls and an abundance of scrunchies. Looking back, I kind of regret the amount of slap bracelets I possessed and the amount of times I had “Bye Bye Bye” on repeat. The point is that the ‘90s were not exactly a time for high fashion. This era is known for its grunge looks that people still recreate to this day.

This Fashionista shows that there was more to the ‘90s than the flannel shirt wrapped around your waist, despite popular belief. It’s all about giving off the “I could care less” look while actually caring a great deal about what you’re wearing. A staple in my closet as a child was anything denim. Denim on denim was a major trend in this decade, and it even spilled into the early 2000s—we see you Britney and Justin. She kept the denim dream alive through her edgy denim skirt. The best thing about wearing denim is that it will literally go with anything. If you want to pair it with your retro neon crop top, you can. If you want to make it a bit more feminine with a pink sweater, you can absolutely do so just as this Fashionista did. It’s all about how you want to style it and make it fit your own personal fashion taste.

Thanks to the Spice Girls, platform shoes were huge in the ‘90s. Let’s be honest, some of those platforms were just a little too high off the ground. It’s inconvenient for everyday wear. This Fashionista took the trend and modernized it with her brown leather booties. These shoes are much easier to get around with and are adorable when paired with a mini skirt.

How To: Ready to go back to your ‘90s roots? A mini skirt is a great item to begin your look with. An easy thing to pair it with is your favorite band T-shirt. Don’t forget to dust off your butterfly clips and chokers because they will make great accessories.