ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lustrous Flatforms

July 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

One of the most predominant spring summer 2015 shoe trends is found expressively on the streets, seamlessly mixed into a casual summery outfits. Flatform sandals not only provide the comfort of regular sandals, but also add a stroke of genius on every look. Other shoe trends that are predominating and pioneering in the current season include those ones of espadrilles, mules, flats, gladiator sandals, solid platforms, etc. Flatform sandals, or overall flatforms, were endorsed this season during last year’s catwalks by brands like Marni, Rick Owens, Chloé, Stella McCartney, etc. Therefore, flatforms will give a whole feeling of “trendiness” if you wear them this season. However, flatform sandals are found in different types of materials. It is necessary to know how to style these sandals correctly in order to rock the streets with edginess and comfort. On the other hand, if you like to stay ahead of trends like I do, you can have your own mix or, as Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, the legendary fashion editor, calls it, ‘salade.’ Try mixing those trendy flatforms with your favorite types of clothes–in spite of this trend–you’ll be staying true to yourself and embracing your personal style with these.

This Fashionista is offering a spot on fashionable statement that acts enthusiastically. The main element within this look that is bringing the whole thing up in a discrete, yet noticeable way, is her pair of glossy flatform sandals. It is the little details, in this case, the glossy trend, that matter and bring everything up in a completely different way. This quintessential deluxe shoe acts as a crucial element in this look. The beachy, avant-garde piece of clothing adds a fanciful length to the Fashionista’s height, expanding the silhouette of a whole. By putting on a classic yellow summery blouse and a simple pair of jeans, the Fashionista manages for us to perceive her nonchalance. Another brilliant matching detail is her golden necklace, which adds a slight luxurious touch to everything else. The best color that complements everything else on this look is black; it provides the perfect balance of highlights and lowlights. This outfit is quite bright already due to the already provided color pallet, so by throwing in those glossy black flatform sandals, the Fashionista perfectly balanced the colors. Black helps the rest of the colors to settle down a bit, but the glossy element from the shoe gives a unique highlight. This is key for not making everyday looks eye-hurting, since extremely colorful outfits may be overwhelming—take this advice from yours truly, who absolutely loves color. Finally, that Russian Red MAC lipstick offered the last touch to make everything work better.

How To: Feeling like “leveling up” this summer? Throw in some glossy flatform sandals to add two very important aspects on your look: casualness and edginess at the same time, secretly giving an elegant-chic twist to your outfit. It’s all in those pivotal details!