ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lovely Lace And Funky Fringe

As spring is finally here and summer is just right around the corner, the bohemian style looks begin to appear with more and more frequency. This relaxed, loose and carefree look exudes an airy vibe which is perfect for the warmer temperatures, as it emits that easy, breezy summertime image. This Fashionista captures this bohemian style, as she dons some lace and fringe, two elements which embody this style perfectly.   

This Fashionista sports a white, lace mini dress as her main piece. The color of her dress radiates a clean, fresh look which is perfect for springtime weather. Additionally, the lace pattern on her dress is a quintessential design element to the bohemian style. This girly pattern gives off a soft vibe, as a certain femininity is captured in her detailed lace. Another element which works to complement this bohemian look is her fringe cross-body purse. This black purse contrasts her white dress, drawing attention to this cool piece. Fringe is a perfect way to emit that boho-chic look, as this element adds fluidity and movement into any outfit.

Draped over the lace dress lays a gray kimono style cardigan. Again, this loose, flowing element works to exude a carefree, laid back look. On her feet, this Fashionista dons some white, Converse high-tops. Her choice of footwear finishes off this look, adding to her comfortable and easygoing outfit.

Overall, the detail in this Fashionista’s outfit perfectly emits that warm weather bohemian vibe. The look is airy and relaxed, embodying a carefree spirit. The clever combination of lace and fringe allows for this look to be successfully emanated, as these are two design elements essential to the bohemian style.

How To: To replicate this bohemian look, grab yourself some lace and fringe. Change it up and try a fringe maxi skirt with a lace crop top. This will still emit that same relaxed vibe, just in a slightly different way than this Fashionista.