ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lovely Lace and Distressed Denim

We just encountered one of my favorite days of the year, the first day of summer! It’s officially time to let our skin show under the sun to get tan and to stay cool in the heat. Not only does wearing light clothing allow us to stay cool (temperature- and fashion-wise), but it can be accessorized with details while maintaining a comfortable style. This Fashionista’s outfit is composed of several details and popular trends that created a RAD summer look.

Upon first glance, the contrast of the popular white crochet and navy really pop and draw you in. The lace at the bottom of the shirt added some classy charm. Meanwhile, the detail of her belly button ring sparkled with personality. The high neckline is balanced with the open back, showing off skin and a fun bow! Overall, this top is intriguing from front and back.

This Fashionista gave a little edge to her ensemble by wearing distressed denim shorts. Lately, when it comes to denim, the more distressed the better! Like her distressed bottoms, she went all out when it came to accessories. I was intrigued by how she chose all her jewelry to be silver. It all shined effortlessly with one another and perfected the look. The infinity ring gleamed next to her bracelet while the knot earrings complemented the dream-catcher belly button ring—all adding to the summery whimsical theme.

How To: Achieving this look is simple! Look for a crop top with pretty lace/crochet or an open back. Give it some edge with distressed denim—whether you create the distress yourself or you buy it that way! Maintain a theme when it comes to jewelry like this Fashionista did with cool shapes (dream catcher, the infinity symbol, circles and knots). Keep in mind, jewelry does not have to be heavy and large to make a statement (such a pain in this summer heat). You can keep accessories light and delicate and still have them as the pivotal components of the ensemble. Remember, it is all in the details!