ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lovely In Lace And Leather

My favorite thing to do in fashion is to take something that appears to be one thing and turn it into something totally different. For example, when I see something said to be bohemian, I think of ways to make it into something more chic. When I see something girly, I think of ways to add some sportiness to it. With a little bit of detail, these things in fashion can be accomplished.

In this case, the addition of feminine lace instead of edgy leather turns this rough fashion statement into something more delicate. The small detail of the lace that is peeping out of this Fashionista’s boots is just a little thing that turns this look from biker-chic into something more girly and fashionable.

For me, my mood changes every day, along with my fashion genre I identify with. Combing details of two types of fashion, like an edgy leather jacket and feminine lace tights, can really create your personal fashion statement and create more variety in a look.

Yes, combining two opposite styles of fashion is different, especially in one look. But fashion is about being daring and paying attention to the details in an outfit that make up everyone’s style as a whole. Take your favorite look and put a different spin on it. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but you’d be surprised what one little change can do.

How To: The small things and details in an outfit make two styles of fashion come together seamlessly. So, don’t overthink it and remember that the details make the outfit!